RENOVATION. In order to best meet the challenges of the Climate Plan, the National Housing Agency (Anah) is promoting its « living better serenity » offer launched in 2011 and creating a new one: « living better agility » to enable owners to renovate their homes.

The National Housing Agency (Anah) launched in January 2018 a new offer to help homeowners of single-family homes to renovate. The « living better agility » program offers targeted assistance for specific renovations aimed at improving home energy consumption or responding to an emergency. The help applies for a specific type of work such as changing or replacing the heating system and insulating walls or attics. The help can go up to 10.000 € maximum. The work must be carried out by a company labeled RGE. This assistance can also be combined with the Energy Transition Tax Credit (ISCED), the eco-loan at zero rate (Eco-PTZ) and the sale of savings certificates.

Unlike this new aid, which targets only one type of work, the Anah recalls that its offer « Live better serenity », created in 2011, is about the realization of bouquets of works at the same time and up to at 12.000 €. The average amount of the premium granted to homeowners was 8,904 in 2017, for an average amount of € 18,000 excl. VAT also indicates the national housing agency. Both premiums are available to homeowners who are more than 15 years old and have to meet the resource requirements set by Anah.

The stated goal is 75,000 renovated homes per year to meet the expectations of the climate plan to accelerate the energy and climate transition.

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